Yuval Lanschaft, Israel

Landschaft Yuval, Mgr, Mph
Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency

Mgr. Landschaft holds the position as the Director Of the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency – IMCA , since 2013.
At the past Mgr. Landschaft served as the Chief Pharmacist as well as the position of the Director of logistics at the Emergency and Disaster Management Division and have the responsibility to the Development, perches, stock piling, transport and supply chains for all of the medicines, drugs, medical devises and unique equipment holds by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of defense toward different varieties of threats. 
Mgr. Landschaft is an Israeli pharmacist graduate of the Faculty Of Medicine, Hadassah School of Pharmacy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, He has a Mph of the Sackler Faculty Of Medicine, School Of Public Health  in Tel-Aviv University, and graduated the training courses of the armed forces radiobiology research institute USA.

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