THC Pharm GmbH The Health Concept

 Holger Roenitz cofounded  THC Pharm and currently holds the position of Business Development Director. He started THC Pharm as a patient initiative in 1996 and ever since has been fighting for reimbursement of cannabinoids.  Since 1998 THC Pharm has been supplying close to 40,000 patients with cannabinoids. Starting out with pure THC (or Dronabinol) the company is presently the only GMP approved source for both Dronabinol and Cannabidiol as magistral preparations and as an API in Europe. Furthermore THC pharm has been at the forefront of research, supplying over 50 medical trials with cannabinoids and other psychotropic substances. 
Rönitz´ firmly believes that the current mingling of medical and recreational use of cannabinoids as can be witnessed in North America and other places is prohibiting a sound and fair reimbursement scheme which requires exact dosage, safe forms of application and universally acepted high standards of GMP (good manufacturing practice). He is convinced that magistral preparations of GMP produced cannabinoids can be far superior to fixed dosage forms. „From paediatric care to transplantation medicine, critically ill patients have a right to receive custom made preparations, comparing the highest standards of GMP production with the utmost flexibility in safe administration forms“.

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