THC Pharm GmbH The Health Concept

THC Pharm GmbH started in 1996 as a patient initiative and has been supplying patients with cannabinoids for more than 20 years. The company provides pioneering work in developing medical therapies for critically ill people and multimorbid patients.

One core area is the support of cannabinoid based extemporaneous mixtures for the supportive therapy of neurologic and oncological disease patterns. As a former patient initiative, one of the main goals is to ensure reimbursement for patients which requires a strict differentiation between medical and recreational use.

It has been an initiator of the first parliamentary hearing on medical cannabinoids in 2008 and a driving factor for securing the automatic reimbursement of Dronabinol for specialized palliative care in 2013. THC Pharm is a qualitative leader in reference substances and producing Dronabinol and Cannabidiol under GMP.
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