Tamir Gedo, Israel

Dr. Tamir Gedo serves as the CEO of BOL Pharma, one of Israel’s pioneers driving the worldwide medical cannabis industry. In this capacity, he draws upon a 25 year career as a marketing and business strategy expert serving in academic, government, and industry functions. A veteran of the pharma and nutraceutical industries, Dr. Gedo has extensive experience sourcing, producing and marketing specialty products.  As a senior manager in both local and international companies, Dr. Gedo contributed to a wide range of branding, strategic planning, and market penetration activities in a variety of industries. As a consultant, Dr. Gedo provided services to companies in the medical, food, nutritional supplements, and pharma industries.  In parallel to his business and consulting practice, Dr. Tamir has served as the head of the marketing department and other faculty positions of several colleges in Israel. He was a guest lecturer in the Department of Business Administration of Shanghai University. Over the years, he has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in global marketing, business strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship.   Dr. Gedo received his PhD in Behavioral Economics from Manchester Business School (UK) and an MBA from Ben Gurion University (Israel). He completed a B.Sc. in Molecular Biology at Bar Ilan University (Israel). 
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