M.J. (Marco) van de Velde, The Netherlands

In the period 1991-1995 Marco van de Velde he studied for his PhD about the modulatory role of fatty-acid metabolites in the signal transduction cascade in inflammatory processes. Thereafter he continued his career as senior policy advisor at the Ministry of Health in the Netherlands and was responsible for implementation of new legislation on pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceutical products and quality standards for human tissues. In 2003-2005 he did his master of modern business administration (MBA). As manager he is in charge of a business unit executing different kind of legislation on pharmaceutical products  and medical devices as well as the Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC). 

His knowledge and experience cover price regulation, reimbursement, registration as well as licensing of pharmaceutical companies and issuing of (export)certificates. As head of the OMC he and his co-workers are responsible for the availability of standardized medicinal cannabis in the Dutch pharmacy, for scientific research and product development. He gives presentations about the policy areas mentioned above.  
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